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Water and Sewer Rate Adjustments

Water Drop

On September 19, 2016, the Board of Aldermen adopted Ordinances raising water and sewer rates effective October 1, 2016. These increases reflect the growth this community has experienced over the last two decades and deemed necessary to maintain the City’s current and future infrastructure, sewer improvement projects, and increased environmental regulations promulgated by Federal and State departments. According to the recently adopted Ordinances, the new rates span a six-year period of time with incremental increases every October 1st for November billing (click Water and Sewer to view the ordinances).

For the period October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017:

The majority of residential households in City limits have a 5/8”x3/4” water meter resulting in a base rate charge of $5.50 per month (increased from $5.00) , with usage over 1,000 gallons charged at $2.50 per 1,000 gallons (increased from $2.00). The sewer base rate will be $15.50 per month (increased from $15.00), with usage of $4.40 per 1,000 gallons (increased from $4.00) for consumption.

For example, a family of four that averages 5,000 gallons of water consumption per month would see an increase of $5.00 per month for water and sewer charges (*not reflecting sanitation/taxes).

Please contact the Utility Clerk or City Clerk at Troy City Hall at 636-528-4712 if you have any questions.

Dog Tag Renewal Time


It’s time to renew your dog tags for 2016! Come in to City Hall from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday with proof of current vaccinations. The cost of the tag is $1 per dog (up to 2 dogs).

Click here for information.

Change in Building Permit Fees
See the attached document for information regarding Building Permit Fees and Water Connection Fees. Click Here
Park Dedication Project


The City of Troy is dedicated to lasting community improvements, you can participate by dedicating amenities to your favorite park.

Click here for complete form.

ATM Location

ATM For your convenience, there is an ATM located in the lobby of City Hall at 800 Cap Au Gris. Whether you need money to pay your court fines, your water bill, or just need a little cash in your pocket, come in and use our accessible ATM. Our lobby hours are 7:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.

From the Mayor’s Desk…

August 2016

I hope all is well with everyone and that the summer has been enjoyable despite the erratic weather; boiling hot, then rain, then more boiling hot. But that is Missouri weather; if you don’t like it, just wait a while and it will change, and we are never satisfied with the weather we have anyway.

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In the Police department, there is quite a bit of continuing education training taking place. Chief Taylor attended the annual Missouri Police Chief’s Conference and Training which counts for 16 hours of his requirement. We are sending three officers to a Basic Crime Scene Finger Printing class so that when they work a crime scene that would not require a Detective, that Officer could then process the scene.

The Department has ordered two new Police cars and related equipment and they will arrive in about 60 days.

In the Public Works Department, we have made a more final repair to the end of Trail Ave. I want to thank the citizens that live on that street for their patience and I hope that the new entrance makes it easier to get in and out.

The Water Department pumped 48,000,000 gallons of water during the month of June (the latest month we have numbers for). That is the highest total for the month of June since 2012.

The team that maintains the sewer line collection system inspected 1620 feet of sanitary sewer mains and 6 sanitary sewer manholes in the Park Hills subdivision in preparation for dedication to the city. They also inspected the storm sewer system in Park Hills for dedication. In addition, they walked three miles of trunk lines to inspect for leaks and cleared 3,205 feet of easement to prevent future problems. One major repair was made to an 18” trunk line that had been punctured when a cable TV line was found to have been drilled through one side and out the other. The repair was made and a bill was sent to the cable company to pay for the repair.

During the month four dogs were picked up running at large. Three were returned to their owners and one was rescued by an adoption agency. Remember to get your new city dog tag so that if your dog gets out and we pick it up we will be able to reunite you with your pet. The tags are only a dollar, but are priceless if your dog gets out.

In the Waste Water Treatment Department, the equipment that was damaged in the power surge May 30th at the MBR plant has been repaired. The insurance claim is being processed and needs Board of Aldermen approval for reimbursement. The same storm damaged the backup generator at the Whitetail Crossing lift station. Fabick replaced the governor and fuel lift pump earlier this month and the station is working properly. In an effort to limit the chances of future damage from electrical surges, the City is waiting on a Transient Voltage Surge Suppression System and full scale grading for the entire lift station property. This will be installed by Aesthetix Electric. The City has contracted with Cochran Engineering to design additional storage capacity at the lift station. This will allow for a longer run time and down cycle for the pumps which will reduce wear and tear on the pumps and lengthen their life span. It will also increase the response time in the event that the lift station should go down, thereby reducing the possibility of future backups to nearby homes. Finally, the City crew has refreshed the Hydrogen Peroxide drip at Crooked Creek to help reduce bad smell issues at Whitetail Crossing.

Sales tax deposits for July of 2016 were a scant higher than deposits for July of 2015, up less than 1%. The 1% Local Sales Tax was .67% higher, the ½% Transportation Tax was .73% higher and the ½% Capital Improvement’s Tax was .7% higher than July of 2015.

Bridget Knudsen has been has been promoted to Deputy Treasurer/Payroll Clerk and has been performing the payroll duties now for three weeks. Bridget has been doing a phenomenal job, both training her replacement Michele, and training for her new duties with Tonya. We want to commend her for a job well done. Bridget and City Treasurer Linda Flinn attended a half-day training course at the City of Manchester, MO. The training covered a variety of disciplines and fulfilled some of their required continuing education.

The housing market continues its robust comeback. During the month of June 2016, the Building Department issued 7 new housing permits and for the fiscal year ending June 30th, a total of 63 new housing permits had been issued. That was a significant increase over the previous year.

Parks and Recreation Director Ryan Howell reports that with all of the rain we have had this summer, his guys are working more hours cutting grass than they usually do, which has put them somewhat behind in their other duties. Repairs were made to the backstops on fields 3 and 4. Bushes were trimmed and mulched in Shamrock Park, while other flower beds in other parks were cleaned up as time permitted.

Mr. Donald Norton has resigned his position on the City Park Board. Mr. Norton has been a positive force on the board for a number of years and his ideas and enthusiasm will be missed. The City would like to thank Mr. Norton for his service.

Vandalism has returned to the parks. “Visitors” have been flooding restrooms, breaking paper towel dispensers, and lighting off fireworks in the restrooms. If you see or hear someone doing something that they aren’t supposed to be doing, especially in the restrooms, please call either the Police at 528-6100 or City Hall at 528-4712 and report the incident. You can remain anonymous, but the only way we can cut down on the damage being done is if we catch the violators in the act so they can be prosecuted. The word will get out and this activity will slow down.

The 2016 Property Tax Rate Review was received from the State Auditor’s office. The Lincoln County Clerk will submit property tax calculations to the City for worksheet computation and then to the Board of Alderman for review and adoption. A public hearing is scheduled on this matter for August 29, 2015. After hearing any public comments, the board will vote yea or nay on the proposed rates. The rates will not be changing this year and we continue the fifteen cent per $100.00 of assessed valuation rollback that was instituted when the Capital Improvement Tax was passed in order to build the Aquatic Center.

Vickie Hopkins has been approved by the Board of Alderman to serve on the Historic Preservation Commission. Her volunteerism is appreciated and we look forward to her serving on that commission.

The accounting firm of Croghan and Croghan has been retained to conduct the annual audit of the City’s financial statements for the FY ending June 30, 2016.

The contract has been approved with M&H Concrete Contractors to make repairs to Excalibur Blvd. in the Legends subdivision at a cost of just under a quarter of a million dollars. Construction should begin around the middle of September, depending on the weather. It appears that the additional storm water inlets that the City Crew installed ahead of the street repair are doing their job. In a recent heavy rain event, the water was carried away through the inlets. This is good because water that stands on the street surface causes deterioration, which means repairs would be needed earlier than would normally be the case.

Repairs to the storm water system and the street and sidewalk on Buchanan Ct. will have begun by the time this goes to press. This project has been drawn out by various obstacles along the way. It should be completed within a couple of weeks and I want to thank the residents for their patience.

We have made revisions to the plan for the Main St. sidewalk project and we will be going out for bid again on October 3rd with a bid opening on November 15th. Construction would not begin until at least March 1, 2017 and the winning bidder would have 150 days to complete the work.

The Board of Aldermen was presented with a MoDOT plan to help fund some safety improvements along Hwy 61 from Troy to the Lincoln County line. The plan called for Troy, Moscow Mills and Lincoln County to each contribute $506,000.00 to cover half of the cost of the improvements and MoDOT would contribute the other half. Since Troy and Moscow Mills did not have these funds available in their respective budgets, MoDOT offered to turn over maintenance of some streets that they currently maintain and the cities would receive credit toward their portion of the improvements. Troy would still have had to come up with $93,000.00 in cash for its portion. The board discussed the proposal and determined two things; one, the ongoing maintenance of the streets would in the long run be more costly then the credit that we were getting and two, the board felt that the citizens of Troy pay gasoline taxes to MoDOT for taking care of Hwy 61 and therefore it was not up to the City to have to help pay for the safety improvements. The end result of this is that MoDOT will have to find the funds somewhere else or convince the state legislature to authorize additional funds to pay for the improvements. I will keep you posted on this topic.

That is all for this month. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call me at City Hall, 528-4712 and I will try to answer your questions or get the answer and call you back. In the meantime, be kind to one another and God bless you.



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Open Burn

Open burning of yard waste is allowed from October first (1st) through March thirty-first (31st) as long as it is burned on the premises on which it originated. Burning may not occur on City right-of-way.

NIXLE Over the past several years, Lincoln County has faced floods, fires, missing children, boil orders, automobile accidents and flu outbreaks, and the new system, Nixle, will help residents stay informed, officials say. Nixle allows emergency service agencies to send emergency alerts, advisories and community messages to everyone in the county database. The emergency service agencies include Lincoln County Emergency Management, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1, Lincoln County Health Department, and the City of Troy. Residents can sign up to get the alerts for free at or by texting their Zip code to 888777. They can also download the free iPhone Nixle app. Resident can select whether they want to receive texts, emails or phone messages.
Consumer Confidence Report
Troy’s 2015 Annual Water Quality Report click here to see report.
Sanitation & Recycling Schedule
The Troy Board of Alderman have entered into an agreement with Christian Environmental Services to provide solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection for the residents of Troy. The routing will be implemented and the City will be divided out into four sections and trash, recycle and yard waste will be picked up on the same day in each quadrant. The contract started July 1, 2013. Click here for Christian Environmental Services’ website and here for the new Sanitation & Recycling Schedule.


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