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From the Mayor’s Desk…
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October 2017

The city recently completed the sidewalk project on Main St., from Main St. Elementary School to College St. Since the initial idea for this sidewalk came from some students at Main St. Elementary, I was invited to speak to the students about how the process works. My speech was mainly how this was a good example of a great idea, and it was brought to the city. I also talked to the kids about how they should always bring an idea that they have to someone because you never know where it might lead.

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A portion of the sidewalk project was paid for with a $250,000.00 grant through the Missouri Dept. of Transportation, which got me thinking about grant monies and how Troy has availed itself of these opportunities in recent years. A quick accounting of the budgets over the last 7 ½ years, when budgets were tight, showed that the city has received approximately $4,500,000.00 in grant monies. Most of the money went to streets and sidewalks, but some were used for tornado sirens, parks, sewer projects and the Historic Preservation Commission. I am confident that we will continue to apply for these monies as they become available in the future so that we can make needed improvements to our City. Getting one of these grants is not always easy, since a lot of communities apply for the money, but there is a limited amount of funds available through grants.

The Board of Alderman met on September 18, 2017 and took the following actions;

Immediately after the Pledge of Allegiance, members of the Historic Preservation Commission made a presentation to the City of Troy as a Certified Local Government and Partner in the Federal Preservation Program since 2009. There are only 1966 communities in the entire United States that have achieved this distinction. Members of the Commission that were in attendance included Judy Hechler, Debbie Thurman and DeeAnn Aydelott.

Deanna Bartosch made a request and received a variance to keep a third dog at her residence. When her mother passed away she took in her mother’s elderly dog, so the variance given was for two years and will be reevaluated at the end of that time.

Sierra Gumersell, on behalf of Eric Meyer, requested permission from the board to keep a Pit Bull Terrier Dog if it becomes a registered support dog. The board took no action on this item per advice of the City Attorney, so that he can do some research on the subject. He will report his findings at a future meeting.

Wendy Sanders addressed the board about repealing the City’s Breed Specific Legislation. The board thanked her for her presentation and there was no discussion.

The BOA adopted an ordinance annexing lot no. 4 of Kingdom Court Subdivision more commonly known as 203 Faye Circle into the City of Troy.

The BOA adopted an ordinance authorizing the City of Troy, Missouri to enter into a lease purchase transaction, the proceeds of which will be used to pay the costs of refunding the outstanding certificates of participation Series 2011; and authorizing the execution of certain documents and actions in connection therewith.

The board approved the bad debt utility write-off from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016 of $10,694.07.

Vicki Kuhl was re-appointed to the Planning & Zoning commission for a two-year term and Steve Emert was appointed to the Historical Preservation Commission. The City thanks them for volunteering to serve.

The board did not approve a change order from Wehmeyer Farms, Inc. for the Harris St./Carrington Water Main Replacement for 8” directional boring in the amount of $10,472.00.

The board did approve an application for payment from Wehmeyer Farms, Inc. The request was for $91,789.95, but the board authorized payment minus the $10,472.00.

The board approved a budget amendment, moving $2,000.00 from vehicle repair to office equipment to allow for purchase of computers/monitors for dispatching from Drug Forfeiture.

Adopted Resolution 2017-2 A Resolution for a Policy and Grievance Procedure Regarding Non-Discrimination on the Basis of a Disability.

The board also approved a retraction of the bid approval for Crooked Creek Park – Rough grading and SWPPP to Karrenbrock Excavating, LLC in the amount of $209,430.01 and authorized Re-Bidding upon Review of Bid.

The board approved and authorized the Mayor to sign sworn statement in Proof of Loss with Savers Property & Casualty insurance Company of damage caused to City Hall roof in the amount of $44,290.50. They also approved a budget amendment to have money to repair the flat portion of the roof that was not covered by insurance, but needed to be replaced. Finally, they authorized the Mayor to sign the contract with Double J Roofing & Contractors in the amount of $70,027.43 for roof repairs.

The bid for street repairs was awarded to M and H Concrete Contractors, Inc. as the lowest and best bid in the amount of $374,075.50 for the 2017 Slab Replacement Program.

A new Special Event Permit Application was discussed and approved as presented by Parks Director Ryan Howell.

Finally, the Board authorized the Mayor to sign a Disclosure Letter with D.A. Davidson regarding Certificates of Participation, Series 2012 after discussing the possible refunding.

The Police Department will be starting the fall and winter Juvenile Offender Program through the juvenile office. This program takes youth offenders and assigns them to work around the City under the supervision of the Troy PD doing a variety of activities. You will probably see them on weekends, so be on the lookout for them.

Officer Wayne Mueller will be receiving another commendation for saving the life of a female who overdosed on Opiates/Heroin.

The department currently has two K-9 units. One K-9 is certified as a full-time patrol dog, which means he has successfully been certified in tracking, suspect apprehension, narcotics, article searches and obedience. Our second K-9 is certified in narcotics and obedience, and is getting ready to be certified in tracking and article searches. We would like to thank Behlmann Jeep Chrysler for their support in sponsoring the two K-9 units.

The department has applied for a $10,000.00 grant that will give us approximately five hand held radios, which are all part of the Interoperability Program for Missouri.

The Street Dept. has been busy filling potholes and replacing some concrete panels that were in bad shape. We placed 40 tons of asphalt in pothole patching and/or full depth repairs as well as 32 cubic yards of concrete. At the same time, M and H Concrete has begun the 2017 Slab Replacement Project. They started at Main St. and Excalibur in the Castlewood subdivision. We got off to a rough start when we didn’t give residents along Excalibur enough notice that the street was going to be torn up and replaced. I apologize for that. City workers will now be doing the notifications instead of the concrete company, so we minimize those types of problems in the future. I am not saying that we won’t have any future problems, but we are trying to more sensitive to the convenience of our citizens.

The water department pumped 39,913,000 gallons of water. That is a daily average of 1,287,000 gallons with a daily maximum of 2,06,000 gallons. All bacteriological samples were reported absent of any contamination.

In our wastewater collection system, we located four manholes that were buried in Bluff View Estates and raised two manholes along North Lincoln Dr. We continue to treat the sewers weekly with our FOG program. That stands for Fats, Oils and Grease which cause a real problem in not just the collection system, but at the treatment plant as well. Please consider disposing of these substances, instead of dumping them down the drain of your kitchen sink.

Sales tax deposits for September of 2017 were 5.69% less than deposits for September of 2016. The 1% Local Sales Tax was 5.59% less, the ½% Transportation Tax was 5.94% less, and the ½% Capital Improvement’s tax was 5.63% less than September of 2016.

In the Building Dept., we issued ten permits for new housing starts with a total valuation of $1,390,000.00 and fees valued at $53,215.77. For the fiscal year that started July 1, 2017, we have had a total of twelve new housing starts.

Preliminary sales numbers for the Aquatic Center season are as follows; Season Passes – $9030.00, Resident Passes – $700.00; Rentals – $4828.00; Concessions – $33,357.50; Gate fees – $53,580.00.

In the Administrative Department, Asst. City Clerk Tonya Hawkins, City Attorney Jesse Granneman and I have been working to get all the easements in place for the Cherry St. Reconstruction Project. To date, out of 52 properties we have signed easement documents on 32 properties. We are working diligently to get the remaining owners on board so that we can be ready to go out for bid by the spring of 2018.

Finally, several citizens have contacted me about putting a crosswalk with a light across Hwy 47 at Walmart because of the increased foot traffic trying to traverse that busy highway. I can report that I have been in contact with MoDOT and Walmart about what is necessary to accomplish that goal. I feel confident that we will get this accomplished, but please keep in mind that the wheels of government move slowly. I will keep you posted as additional details become available.

That is all I have for this month. Please be kind to one another and God bless you all.



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