Nestled in the heart of Lincoln County and just 60 minutes from St. Louis, Troy job openings (2)offers a balance of rural charm and suburban convenience. Troy boasts a wide range of housing and has unique shops in its historic Main Street district. Troy’s picturesque parks system features walking trails, ball fields, acres of grassy picnic area, a duck pond, a skate park, and rentable pavilion space. Whether you’re planning a trip or relocating to this progressive town with a rural backdrop, you’ll find information about city amenities and services at



2015 Troy Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year

Congratulations to our Mayor, Mark Cross, for receiving the Troy Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Man of the Year. The award is very well deserved. Click here for full article in the Lincoln County Journal.mcross

Park Dedication Project


The City of Troy is dedicated to lasting community improvements, you can participate by dedicating amenities to your favorite park.

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ATM Location

ATM For your convenience, there is an ATM located in the lobby of City Hall at 800 Cap Au Gris. Whether you need money to pay your court fines, your water bill, or just need a little cash in your pocket, come in and use our accessible ATM. Our lobby hours are 7:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.

From the Mayor’s Desk…


January 2016

The monthly Board of Alderman meeting was preceded by a workshop to discuss (A) Water and Wastewater rates as presented by the engineering firm of Woodard & Curran; and (B) Submitting a Proposition to Authorize and Continue the Application and Collection of the Local Sales Tax on the Titling of Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Boats and Out board Motors that were Purchased from a source other than a Licensed Missouri Dealer.

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The workshop was followed by a public hearing, the purpose of which was for citizen input on Special Inn-tentions, LLC, requesting approval of rezoning from “R-1” Single Family residential District to “C-3” Highway commercial District for a possible future gift shop. This site is located at 298 South Lincoln Drive. During the regular meeting the request was turned down.

During the public comment section of the meeting, the Board heard from Suzanne Hock from the American Cancer Society, to discuss a Bark for Life Event in Fairgrounds Park. After listening to Ms. Hock, the Board recommended that she meet with the City’s Director of Parks and Recreation to work out the details of the May 14th event. It was then recommended for her to come back to the Board for a final determination.

The board also listened to a presentation from Mr. Bart Berneking, who suggested that it was time for the City to consider putting in place some guidelines for businesses along Lincoln Dr. and Hwy 47 to follow. These guidelines would help to improve the appearance of the city, but at the same time maintain the small town feel.

The Troy Police Department made a presentation to the Board on “Load Bearing Carriers” for the officers to wear while on duty. The department would use drug forfeiture money to purchase load bearing carriers for each officer. These load bearing carriers will be used for daily operations. The purpose of the carriers allows mandated equipment to be removed from the duty belt and placed on the carrier to decrease weight and stress on the officer’s lower back and hips. The board saw the benefits to the health and well-being of the officers and authorized the department to make the purchase. The carriers would be the property of the city and therefore transferable from one officer to another.

Members of the Park Board heard a presentation from Parks Director Ryan Howell. The subjects ranged from an update on revenues from 2015 ball field reservations and concessions profit share, to park projects and Tree City USA. Field reservations totaled $6445.00 and that did not include tackle football, which has not sent in their check yet. Concessions profit share for the ballfield concessions totaled $2141.33, which is the City’s portion of the gross sales in the stand. Four trees were planted in Weinand Park; Christmas lights were put up on City Hall and the duck house; repairs were made on the archway at Weinand Park; boards were replaced and backstops were stained on baseball fields; and removing dead limbs and taking out dead trees. Finally, all material for the Tree City USA application was gathered and sent off in early December. We should hear back relatively soon.

Chief Taylor reported that he had attended the Missouri Police Chief’s Association, Police Chief’s Training and conference and had received eleven continuing education hours. He also reported that the house on Cap au Gris, which caught fire several months ago, has been cleaned up and the owner is in the process of selling the property. He will continue to monitor the situation.

In Public Works, there was 16 tons of asphalt used in pothole patching and/or full depth repairs. The water department pumped 31,481,000 gallons. That is an average of 1,049,000 per day. The highest day of the month we pumped 1,243,000 gallons.

There was 4500 feet of sewer main inspected, 47 manholes inspected, two manholes rehabilitated and 1400 feet of sewer main was cleaned.

There were four calls for dogs at large. Two were returned to their owners, one went to an adoption agency, and one is still at the pound. There were 68 people that brought their dogs and cats to be spayed and neutered in the pools parking lot. The vet said that that was a record.

Sales tax deposits for December of 2015 were 12.46% more than deposits for December of 2014. The 1% local sales tax was 12.33% higher, the 1/2% transportation tax was 12.79% higher and the 1/2% capital improvement tax was 12.33% than last year. At the half-year point for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year, our sales tax receipts are up by 6.03% ($146,273.40) as compared to the same period in FY 2015.

The draft of the FY2015 Financial Statements is complete, but there are a few loose ends that need to be addressed. As soon as the draft was received, a copy was forwarded to each Alderman for them to approve so that it could be forwarded to First Bank of Missouri.

During the month of November there were five new housing permits issued. That brings the total for the first five months of the FY to 25. Total dollar value for all permits comes to $10,164,500.00 and fees for those permits totaled $153,185.36.

Easement documents were forwarded to property owners in regards to the TAP Sidewalk Project on the west side of Main St. The project engineer and I met with each of the property owners and answered their questions. All of the documents have been signed and recorded at the courthouse. The project schedule calls for the project to be put out for bid by the first of March, and construction will begin a day or two after the last day of school. The project will be completed prior to the beginning of the next school year.

The board authorized putting the question of maintaining the sales tax on vehicles purchased from sources other than a licensed dealer on the April 5, 2016 ballot. This will not be a tax increase and a defeat of the issue would cost the city $60,000.00 annually.

Well that is it for this month. We all know the snow is coming, so when it does, let’s be careful out there. Watch out for the other guy and stay calm.

God bless you all and I will see you next month.



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Open burning of yard waste is allowed from October first (1st) through March thirty-first (31st) as long as it is burned on the premises on which it originated. Burning may not occur on City right-of-way.

Open Burn
NIXLE Over the past several years, Lincoln County has faced floods, fires, missing children, boil orders, automobile accidents and flu outbreaks, and the new system, Nixle, will help residents stay informed, officials say. Nixle allows emergency service agencies to send emergency alerts, advisories and community messages to everyone in the county database. The emergency service agencies include Lincoln County Emergency Management, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1, Lincoln County Health Department, and the City of Troy. Residents can sign up to get the alerts for free at or by texting their Zip code to 888777. They can also download the free iPhone Nixle app. Resident can select whether they want to receive texts, emails or phone messages.
Consumer Confidence Report
Troy’s 2014 Annual Water Quality Report click here to see report.
Sanitation & Recycling Schedule
The Troy Board of Alderman have entered into an agreement with Christian Environmental Services to provide solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection for the residents of Troy. The routing will be implemented and the City will be divided out into four sections and trash, recycle and yard waste will be picked up on the same day in each quadrant. The contract started July 1, 2013. Click here for Christian Environmental Services’ website and here for the new Sanitation & Recycling Schedule.


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Recycling at City Hall
Looking for a recycling site? The City of Troy invites residents and non-residents to use a recycle dumpster that’s been placed on the south parking lot of City Hall at 800 Cap Au Gris. Patrons may recycle paper, cardboard boxes, plastics, aluminum and glass items. Christian Disposal, the City’s contracted residential trash hauler, asks patrons to rinse recyclable materials before discarding them.
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