Nestled in the heart of Lincoln County and just 60 minutes from St. Louis, Troy offers a balance of rural charm and suburban convenience. Troy boasts a wide range of housing and has unique shops in its historic Main Street district. Troy’s picturesque parks system features walking trails, ball fields, acres of grassy picnic area, a duck pond, a skate park, and rentable pavilion space. Whether you’re planning a trip or relocating to this progressive town with a rural backdrop, you’ll find information about city amenities and services at


Dog Tag Renewal Time


It’s time to renew your dog tags for 2016! Come in to City Hall from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday with proof of current vaccinations. The cost of the tag is $1 per dog (up to 2 dogs).

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Change in Building Permit Fees
See the attached document for information regarding Building Permit Fees and Water Connection Fees. Click Here
Sports Camps, Swim Lessons, and Pool Passes – oh my!
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Park Dedication Project


The City of Troy is dedicated to lasting community improvements, you can participate by dedicating amenities to your favorite park.

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ATM Location

ATM For your convenience, there is an ATM located in the lobby of City Hall at 800 Cap Au Gris. Whether you need money to pay your court fines, your water bill, or just need a little cash in your pocket, come in and use our accessible ATM. Our lobby hours are 7:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.

From the Mayor’s Desk…

July 2016

If you enjoy reading my monthly updates on the Around Town and City website, or especially on Facebook, please share it so that as many people as possible get a chance to read about what is going on in Troy. If you have questions or concerns, or even complaints, you can send a message and we will look into the situation and get back in touch with you.

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I trust that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day holiday. I know we needed the rain, but we seem to go from drought conditions to flash floods. Just can’t make us happy.

The neighborhood watch group for Lewis Street, W. Pershing St. and all the way back to include Juanita is up and running. There are just over 51 residents involved in the watch group and they had their first meeting, since forming, on June 8th. Lieutenant Tienter and Chief Taylor attended the meeting to answer questions and discuss concerns about how the group will function. This is only the second Neighborhood Watch group in the city, the other being in Whitetail Crossing subdivision. If you would like to organize a group in your neighborhood, contact Chief Taylor at 528-4725, and he would be happy to help you get started.

The Police Department is looking into having a Citizens Police Academy this fall. It is a program that will meet every Monday evening from 6-9pm for ten weeks in the Troy Police Departments training room. If you are interested in attending this class, please contact Chief Taylor at 528-4725.

Major Floyd and Officer Voland just finished up a week’s training in reference to Crisis Intervention (CIT) Training when dealing with younger children with mental disorders.

Finally, the Police Department continues to put property owners on seven (7) days’ notice when they are violating the city’s tall grass ordinance. If you would like to make a complaint about a specific property, call 528-4725 during the day. After hours call Lincoln County Dispatch at 528-6100 and they will dispatch an officer. This will get a police officer on the scene much faster than reporting it any other way.

In the Public Works Department – during the heat wave the city was pumping considerably more water than normal. For the month we pumped 35,825,000 gallons that is an average of 1,136,000 per day. On May 30th we had our biggest day of the month, pumping 1,489,000 gallons. As a reminder on your July bill, the State of Missouri requires us to charge a $2.76 Primacy fee and once we collect that fee we pass it directly to the state. I tell you this so that you are not surprised but the charge and to let you know, we have no choice but to add it to your bill. During the month we made repairs on three (3) service line leaks and four (4) water main breaks. I believe most of the breaks occurred on E. Cherry St. between Carrington Subdivision and Hwy 47. The situation was so dire that we finally installed a new water line and abandoned the old line so that we shouldn’t have a problem like that again.

During the past month the city crew picked up six dogs at large all of which have been returned to their owners. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting your city tag. This will give us the necessary information to find you if you and your dog get separated somehow.

The crew has been working on adding some storm drains on Excalibur in the Legends Subdivision. There has been a problem with a lack of drainage on that street since it was built and it was causing the street to deteriorate faster than normal. By adding additional drains, it will carry the water away better. We wanted to get this done because Excalibur is scheduled for some major improvements later this year and now it should hold up longer.

Sales tax deposits for June of 2016 were 2.26% higher than deposits for June of 2015. The 1% Local Sales Tax was 1.91 higher, the ½% Transportation Tax was 3.33% higher and the ½% Capital Improvement Tax was 1.92% higher than June of 2015. As we end the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year, our sales tax deposits finished at 6.2% over the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year.

The Board of Alderman approved the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year Budget during the last week of June. In addition to the Excalibur project, there are plans for upgrades to the southeast sewer plant, the Main St. sidewalk, and the Cherry St. project, to name a few, during the new Fiscal Year. Because of these high ticket projects, we were not able to give the city employees a raise this coming year.

In the Building Department we issued permits for seven new houses in June and that brings the total for the year to 56 permits. We have been hearing that the housing market was heating up and that is a pretty good indication. Now that a contractors trailer has been move on site, I look for construction to begin on the new Arby’s at any time. They had told us they would be open in August, but that might be pushing it just a little bit.

For those of you that haven’t noticed, the walking trail and parking lot at Weinand Park have been overlaid with new asphalt. The trail has been widened so I hope we don’t have a problem with the walkers getting carried away going too fast or cutting each other off. LOL.

Once again we are experiencing vandalism in the parks, especially to the restrooms. If you are part of the problem, know this, we will find you and prosecute you. If you want to be part of the solution when you see or hear something about vandalism, please contact someone with the city. You can call Lincoln County Dispatch at 636-528-6100 and they will send an officer. If you want to contact City Hall during regular business hours 8am – 4:30pm, that number is 636-528-4712; you can call the Public Works Shed at 636-528-4646. Remember, every dollar making repairs due to vandalism is money that we could spend on doing other improvements to the parks.

As for the aquatic center, revenues were running as much as 30% over last summer. That is where we were before the latest round of storms which caused us to close for several days. I will keep you posted on this subject each month. Thank you for the support.

At the last Board of Alderman meeting, the members agreed to take a look at the current park ordinance to see of some changes could be made that would allow some more activities to take place in the parks. Since the adoption of the ordinance, there has been a dramatic drop off in special activities and we would like to turn that around.

Recently a representative from the City’s liability carrier, MoPerm, stopped by City Hall and offered a five-year review on the City’s claims and highlighted preventative training webinars through its website for its members. The Safety Committee will meet to set-up training for fall/winter months for all employees.

The Cherry St. reconstruction project continues to move ahead. We had an open house for the public to come and look at the preliminary plans, and make suggestions for improvements. The meeting was well attended and some good suggestions were made. One in particular was putting a right turn lane on Cherry St. for Front St. During the afternoon/evening rush, traffic tends to back up there and some people were cutting through parking lot to avoid the traffic. That practice is dangerous because of traffic turning left from Cherry to Front might not see them and then you have accidents. As of right now the schedule calls for the City to go out for bid during the first quarter of 2017 and start construction during the 2nd quarter of 2017. There will be considerable disruption to traffic and especially to the businesses along Cherry St. We will try to minimize the disruptions as much as possible, but with a project of this size on one of the busiest streets in town we cannot eliminate the disruptions completely. The good news is that everyone will be pleased with the results when we are done.

Many of you have seen the article in the Lincoln County Journal where the City is working on rate increases to both sewer and water. There is considerable work that needs to be done in the way of upgrading the water system to reduce the chances of water main breaks. We recently had a spat of breaks along E. Cherry St. east of Cuivre River Electric Cooperative. When we dug up the pipe to fix the leak we found that four repairs had already been made within ten feet of the leak we were there to fix. There are several more areas that are in similar condition and they need to be fixed. This will be the first increase in water rates since 1998 and will cost the average user an additional $2.50 per month. On the sewer side, we need to upgrade the southeast wastewater treatment plant to increase its capacity to 4.5 million gallons per day (MGD) and make adjustments to the plant to meet new stricter and ever changing requirements from both MoDNR and the EPA. By making these upgrades, we will be able to decommission the Hwy 47 plant. We currently have a capacity of 2.6 MGD between the two plants and once we are done with these upgrades will have 4.5 MGD which we anticipate will take us 20 years into the future as far as population growth. This increase will be in the neighborhood of $2.50 per month also. The alternative to making these improvements to the sewer system is to do nothing, but then we would get fined by the regulatory agencies and I would rather spend the money to make the upgrades then to spend the money anyway on fines.

Finally, it is with great regret that we were forced to eliminate the recycling bids located on the City Hall parking lot. People were using them for trash instead of recycle material and there was too much volume. Trash would blow all over the parking lot and into Fairgrounds Park and it became an eye sore. The recycling service was supplied free to the City by Christian Disposal and I know that the vast majority of people that used the service lived out in the unincorporated areas of Lincoln County where they do not have service. We have had too many people to count tell us how much they appreciated the chance to use the bins. We have told them that they should contact their County Commissioners, Presiding Commissioner Dan Colbert, Commissioner District one Gene Galloway, and Commissioner District two Matt Bass, to see if they can find a way to make recycling available out in the county. The number at the old courthouse is 636-528-6300.

That is all for this month. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and be safe out there. Be kind to one another and God bless you all. I will be back next month with more news about what is going on in Troy.



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Open Burn

Open burning of yard waste is allowed from October first (1st) through March thirty-first (31st) as long as it is burned on the premises on which it originated. Burning may not occur on City right-of-way.

NIXLE Over the past several years, Lincoln County has faced floods, fires, missing children, boil orders, automobile accidents and flu outbreaks, and the new system, Nixle, will help residents stay informed, officials say. Nixle allows emergency service agencies to send emergency alerts, advisories and community messages to everyone in the county database. The emergency service agencies include Lincoln County Emergency Management, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1, Lincoln County Health Department, and the City of Troy. Residents can sign up to get the alerts for free at or by texting their Zip code to 888777. They can also download the free iPhone Nixle app. Resident can select whether they want to receive texts, emails or phone messages.
Consumer Confidence Report
Troy’s 2015 Annual Water Quality Report click here to see report.
Sanitation & Recycling Schedule
The Troy Board of Alderman have entered into an agreement with Christian Environmental Services to provide solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection for the residents of Troy. The routing will be implemented and the City will be divided out into four sections and trash, recycle and yard waste will be picked up on the same day in each quadrant. The contract started July 1, 2013. Click here for Christian Environmental Services’ website and here for the new Sanitation & Recycling Schedule.


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