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From the Mayor’s Desk…

November 2015

Before I get started with this month’s newsletter, I would like to let you know that there are three openings on the Planning and Zoning Commission. The P & Z Commission meets on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. If you are interested in serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission, click here to find an application. Submit completed applications to City Hall. I will review the submitted applications and make recommendations to the Board of Alderman as to who I think should fill the position. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of the City of Troy and it can be very gratifying to be involved in this process.

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At the Board of Alderman meeting on September 21st, Mrs. Helen Clay was appointed to serve on the Park Board. I would like to welcome Mrs. Clay and thank her for volunteering.

At this month’s Board of Aldermen meeting the board approved a Proclamation calling for November to be “Blue November” for Diabetes Awareness Month. The request for the proclamation was made by Kei Weinzel of Lincoln County. Kei’s goal is to raise awareness of Type One Diabetes by approaching all municipalities, police departments, and the sheriff’s department to make a proclamation or, in the case of the squad cars, display a blue and gray magnetic ribbon on the cars. He is very energetic, passionate and a very good spokesman for Type One Diabetes. Good luck Kei and God bless you.

The Park Board is looking over the athletic field policy for baseball, soccer, and football reserving fields for their practices and games. With some tweaking, they feel there would be additional time available for other activities to use the fields (i.e.: an individual softball league, tee ball, etc). Also, we have received the bids to put a playground safety surface at Avery Park. That work is projected to begin in Spring of 2016. Finally, the resurfacing of the parking lot in Fairgrounds Park, Mallard St., and Monroe St. has been completed. The contractor, Mid Rivers Asphalt, did their best to minimize the disruption to both the soccer leagues and traffic through the park. I think it turned out very nice and it should last for a long time. In addition, the basketball courts have been resurfaced and restriped.

As of now the bathrooms and drinking fountains in the parks are shut down for the winter. Painting and/or repairs will be completed so they are ready for use next year.

In the building department, the Planning and Zoning Commission is reviewing a site plan submitted by Warrenton Oil Company and a rezoning request for a parcel of land currently occupied by a cement plant on S. Lincoln Dr. The cement factory would be replaced with a Fastlane Gas station and a carwash. It is always exciting to get any new business in Troy, but this will be the first new business to locate at the new S. Lincoln Dr. overpass. Hopefully, this will be the first of many new businesses to take advantage of this new overpass. There is a lot of potential for growth in that area.

Through the end of September, the City has issued 14 new housing permits and 5 commercial building permits with a total valuation of just over $4,000,000.00. It appears that the economy is starting to pick up.

The Chief of Police has been in contact with two property owners in Troy that have had their property affected by fire. The home on Boone St. has been taken down and I believe the property owner has plans to rebuild on the lot. The property owner of the house on Cap au Gris told the Chief that she was in the process of trying to sell the site to a real estate company. The owner was told to advise the City of the status of the situation within a week or she would be given a seven day notice to take some action to clean up the lot or receive a citation.

In the Public Works Department, we used 14 tons of asphalt and 45 cubic yards of concrete in repairing streets and fixing potholes this past month. Here is a sign of the change of seasons: we have 857.5 tons of salt purchased and delivered. I am not anxious for winter to get here, but according to the persimmon seeds we are going to have a lot of snow this winter.

The City picked up four dogs at large this month. We returned one to the owner, two went to adoption agencies, and we still have one in the pound as of this writing. Don’t forget to come by City Hall to purchase your city tag for your dog; it could help us return your dog if it is picked up and taken to the pound.

In the Waste Water Treatment Department, we mapped and inspected 103 manholes. We are constantly mapping manholes, fire hydrants, storm sewers, and water lines. We do this so that, God forbid, we have a disaster we will be able to find our various parts of the infrastructure. As an aside, when they had the tornado in Joplin a few years ago, the biggest problem they had after was finding each of those pieces of infrastructure so that they could use them if needed. We also fixed two lift stations whereby we sealed them so that ground water could not get into the system. Fresh water is the worst enemy of a sewer plant. The bacteria that is needed to breakdown the solids, die in fresh water. It is very important that no downspouts or sump pumps be hooked into the sanitary sewer system. In addition to the damage it can do to the waste water treatment plants, there is an ordinance prohibiting the practice;

Sec 705.040 Paragraph H H. Surface Water Banned. No person shall make connection of roof downspouts, exterior foundation drains, areaway drains or other sources of surface runoff or ground water to a building sewer or building drain which in turn is connected directly or indirectly to a public sewer.

Sales Tax deposits for October of 2015 were 11.19%, more than deposits for October of 2014. The 1% Local Sales Tax was 10.39% higher, the ½% Transportation Tax was 13.71% higher and the ½ % Capital Improvement’s Tax was 10.45% higher than October of 2014. For the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year, our sales tax receipts are up by 5.93% as compared to the same period a year ago.

For those of you who are not aware, the Cherry Blossom Way road project has been completed, except for a few minor touch ups. The road is now wide enough to have trucks park in the middle lane while waiting to go to Bodine Aluminum and M.O.S.T. and cars can pass on either side. Also, the speed limit on Cherry Blossom Way is 30 MPH. I know the urge will be there to drive faster because of the improved conditions but remember, there are pedestrians walking along and across the road. Let’s keep them safe.

Finally, the Board has chosen Cochran Engineering to be the architect/engineer on the Cherry St. project. We have to negotiate a contract that is mutually beneficial to both parties, and then with the approval of the Board of Alderman the design phase will begin. Designing the improvements could take as much as six months or more, and then construction could take another 9 – 12 months. We will be improving the storm sewers and the sidewalks at the same time.

That is all I have for this month. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call either City Hall or the Public Works Department.

Stay safe out there and God Bless you all.



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November Proclamations
Blue November for Type 1 Diabetes Awareness

On October 19, 2015, Mayor Mark Cross signed a proclamation declaring November of 2015 as Diabetes Awareness Month.

Mayor Mark Cross and Kei Weinzel

Mayor Mark Cross and Kei Weinzel

Veterans Day, November 11, 2015

On November 11, 2015, Mayor Mark Cross would like to make special notice of all Veterans for their service.

Arbor Day, November 24, 2015

On November 4, 2015, Mayor Mark Cross signed a proclamation to promote November 24, 2015 as Arbor Day and urges all citizens to celebrate and plant trees for future generations.

Arbor Day Tree
Open Burn
Open burning of yard waste is allowed from October first (1st) through March thirty-first (31st) as long as it is burned on the premises on which it originated. Burning may not occur on City right-of-way.
NIXLE Over the past several years, Lincoln County has faced floods, fires, missing children, boil orders, automobile accidents and flu outbreaks, and the new system, Nixle, will help residents stay informed, officials say. Nixle allows emergency service agencies to send emergency alerts, advisories and community messages to everyone in the county database. The emergency service agencies include Lincoln County Emergency Management, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1, Lincoln County Health Department, and the City of Troy. Residents can sign up to get the alerts for free at or by texting their Zip code to 888777. They can also download the free iPhone Nixle app. Resident can select whether they want to receive texts, emails or phone messages.
Consumer Confidence Report
Troy’s 2014 Annual Water Quality Report click here to see report.
Sanitation & Recycling Schedule
The Troy Board of Alderman have entered into an agreement with Christian Environmental Services to provide solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection for the residents of Troy. The routing will be implemented and the City will be divided out into four sections and trash, recycle and yard waste will be picked up on the same day in each quadrant. The contract started July 1, 2013. Click here for Christian Environmental Services’ website and here for the new Sanitation & Recycling Schedule.

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Recycling at City Hall
Looking for a recycling site? The City of Troy invites residents and non-residents to use a recycle dumpster that’s been placed on the south parking lot of City Hall at 800 Cap Au Gris. Patrons may recycle paper, cardboard boxes, plastics, aluminum and glass items. Christian Disposal, the City’s contracted residential trash hauler, asks patrons to rinse recyclable materials before discarding them.
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