Nestled in the heart of Lincoln County and just 60 minutes from St. Louis, Troy offers a balance of rural charm and suburban convenience. Troy boasts a wide range of housing and has uniqueshops in its historic Main Street district. Troy’s picturesque parks system features walking trails, ball fields, acres of grassy picnic area, a duck pond, a skate park, and rentable pavilion space. Whether you’re planning a trip or relocating to this progressive town with a rural backdrop, you’ll find information about city amenities and services at

Changes to Recycling
The recycling industry has faced significant changes in 2018. China, which had been the world’s largest importer of recyclables, no longer accepts contaminated single-stream recyclable materials from the United States. Due to this drastic change, the City’s hauler, Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc., will no longer accept single-stream recyclables curbside as of December 1, 2018.

Dual Stream recycling (limited curbside collection) will still be offered and limited to cleaned and rinsed aluminum, tin and steel cans, clear or colored plastic labeled #1, #2, #3, #5 and #7 (found on the bottom of the container). No black plastic or glass will be accepted. There will be drop-off containers for cardboard and paper located in the parking lot next to the Skate Park, just south of City Hall.

The cost of processing recycling has tripled and necessitates the need for a surcharge. Each recycling household will be charged $1.00 a month surcharge beginning in December/January. Meridian Waste Solutions has stated that this surcharge will go away when and if an alternative recycler can be utilized to bring down costs.

Many neighboring municipalities are also facing hard decisions whether to continue recycling in a limited form or stop it altogether. The City of Troy appreciates your help in keeping our environment green. We would appreciate your help in spreading the word! Thank you!

Dog Tag Registration Requirement
DogAll residents of the City of Troy are required, under ordinance 205.110, to have their dogs properly licensed. Click here for more information regarding this ordinance.
Pay by Phone Option
The City of Troy is now accepting payments for utility bills through an automated system. You will need to have your account number and credit card (Visa or MasterCard) handy when placing the call. Please see below, or give us a call at 636-462-7611 for more information.

As a reminder, here are the other ways you are able to pay your utility bill:

*Check or Money Order
*Credit (Visa or MasterCard only)
*Online at
*Direct Pay (if you have additional questions, please contact us)

High Water Usage
Do you think you have high water usage? Click here for some tips to check around your house.
Online Utility Billing
See the attached document for information regarding setting up an online utility account. Contact the water department at 636-462-7611 with any questions. Click Here
From the Mayor’s Desk…
Mark Pic 8.10.17

June 2019

The Board of Alderman met on June 18, 2019 and took the following actions;

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A Public Hearing for citizen input concerning an increase to application fees on: conditional Use Permits, Board of Adjustment and Voluntary Annexation was cancelled because the ordinances addressing those fees were not ready to be voted on at this meeting. The Public Hearing will be rescheduled for prior to the July 15th meeting and the ordinances were table for a vote at next month’s meeting.

Under Citizen Comments;

Cynthia Wade’s request to register her Pit Bull as an emotional support dog was denied.

Robin Fielder’s request for a variance to have a third dog at her address was granted for six months and will be reconsidered at that time.

Charlie Tompkins’ request to have the long grass cut on the property adjacent to his was not covered because the grass had already been cut.

Brandon Martin requested to hold a special event “Smiles with Love Cruise-in” on September 8, 2019.

Kathy Kitchen requested that Troy go to a sewer bill averaging to help with the bill during the summer when she has her swimming pool open and a garden planted as the water she uses for those does not go down the sewer. After explaining that winter averaging had been done away with at the recommendation of separate agencies to encourage people to conserve water, the board took no action.

An ordinance amending the zoning regulations for marijuana for medicinal purposes in compliance with Amendment 2 was tabled to make further adjustments per Alderman Ron Sconce, sponsor of the ordinance. It was decided that the ordinance would be brought up again on June 27th, the meeting scheduled to approve the final budget.

An ordinance changing the regulations on the sewers as it pertains to fats, oils and grease was passed. The ordinance gives the City the authority to monitor the maintenance of grease traps at eating establishments to eliminate/minimize the introduction of fats, oils and grease into the sanitary sewer system. The City can now fine businesses and property owners that put those foreign substances into the sewers. Fats, oils and grease are a major enemy of wastewater treatment plants and this new ordinance should help to eliminate some of those problems.

The board approved the Mayor to sign a contract with HR Green for engineering services for the Villa Dr. pedestrian access improvements.

The board discussed a resolution designed to separate duties of the full time City Administrator, from the duties of the part time Mayor. After a brief discussion, Alderman Anderson agreed to meet with the Mayor and see what could be done to separate the two positions and report back at the next meeting.

The BOA approved the consolidation Plats 1 and 2 so that the Dollar Tree store can be built next to Aldi’s. The old Ponderosa building will be torn down make room for adequate parking.

The BOA approved and authorized the Mayor to sign a new contract with the Troy Chamber of Commerce to operate the Troy Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for the next year.

Tim Muldoon and Charles Riney to the Board of Adjustment and Kevin Bishop and DeeAnn Adeylott to the Planning and Zoning Commission. The City would like to thank these four individuals for volunteering for their service to the City of Troy.

The BOA heard a brief presentation from Steven Walker, Sales Manager for Meridian Waste Solutions, for a proposed solid waste contract amendment by Meridian Waste Solutions for fiber recycling. Mr. Walker said that he would return with a prepared document for the board to consider.

A group of concerned citizens approached the board with questions regarding the status of the Cherry Street improvement project. The City had Bill Hampton on hand to answer whatever questions that he could. Mr. Hampton is an easement/ROW specialist that has been retained by the City to help work through issues with property owners along the route. No specific properties or owners were discussed, as that would be a violation of the federal guidelines governing the federal dollars that are committed to the project. An explanation was given about the federal dollars that could be lost to the project if they are not spent, or designated to be spent, by the deadline of September 30, 2019. One question that was asked was if those dollars are lost would that effect the City’s ability to apply for grant funds in the future? The Mayor advised that he had asked the same questions and was informed that because of the excellent record of the City to follow through on projects in the past, there would be no ill effects would be felt.

Finally, the BOA discussed and voted to approve, delay or deny approval of the following items for the budget starting July 1, 2019. Behind each item is the cost of the item and the fund from which it would come.

2 Full-time Police Officers $142,681.00 from the General Fund. Delayed for further review in January 2020.

Bullet resistant upgrades at City Hall, $27,709.00. Denied. General Fund

Payroll compensation study, $25,000.00. Denied. General Fund

Audio-Visual Equipment for Board Room at City Hall, $18,000.00. Denied. General Fund

8 Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Tables for the Alderman and Mayor to replace the monthly paper board books that are currently used, $13,234.00. Denied. General Fund

Video Conferencing System, $3,900.00. Denied. General Fund

New ¾ Ton Crew Cab Truck for the Parks Dept., $28,861.00. Approved. General Fund

Portable Metal Detector for Board Room/Courtroom, $4,100.00. Approved. General Fund

Zero-turn Mower for Parks, $13,000.00. Approved. General Fund

18 Foot trailer for Parks, $5,000.00. Approved. General Fund

Warning Siren Upgrade, $9,500.00. Approved. General Fund.

The Troy PD received their quarterly Firearms Qualification for the entire department.

The police department has been extremely busy due to people leaving vehicles unlocked. Items are stolen from the vehicles and in some cases the vehicles are being stolen. Please make sure to lock up and either remove valuable or make sure they are hidden from view.

In Public Works, now that the weather has warmed up, crews can begin to make permanent repairs to streets, etc. Please be careful as you approach a work zone. I know you and the workers want to go home to their families at the end of the day.

The Water Dept. pumped 39,689,000 gallons of water in May with daily maximum of 1,456,000 gallons on May 20th. Hopefully we won’t have to ask you to conserve water due to dry weather this year, but if we do, I appreciate your cooperation.

Wastewater Utility mowed 7,068 feet of ROW, prioritized manholes needing repairs or replacement and jetted 1,110 feet of sewer main.

Wastewater Operations, operators completed installing fall arrest anchors at all lift station sites. Every site now has a fall safe measure in place while the lift station hatches are open. There were 55,000 gallons of sludge applied on three different days. Crops have been planted now so no more sludge can be applied until fall. A third-party hauler has been contacted to give quotes on removing sludge until we can once again field apply.

Sales Tax deposits for June of 2019 were 3.48% higher that June of 2018. The 1% local sales tax was 3.31% higher, the ½% transportation tax was 3.98% higher and the ½% Capital Improvement’s Tax was 3.33% higher that June of 2018. As we end the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year, our sales tax deposits finished at 4.05% over the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year.

In the Building Department, we had 17 new housing starts in May for a total of 73 for the current Fiscal Year.

We have some events scheduled for Troy’s 200th Anniversary Celebration. On September 16th we will open a time capsule that was buried during the 175th Celebration to see what is inside. On Friday September 20th we will have a concert at Fairgrounds Park along with some food trucks and other activities and on Saturday the 21st we will have rides, food trucks and other activities for the family. I will give you more details as we get closer to the events.

That is all for this month. Enjoy your outdoor activities, be safe and be kind to one another. God bless you all.



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NIXLE NixleAdforLicenseBureau Over the past several years, Lincoln County has faced floods, fires, missing children, boil orders, automobile accidents and flu outbreaks, and the new system, Nixle, will help residents stay informed, officials say. Nixle allows emergency service agencies to send emergency alerts, advisories and community messages to everyone in the county database. The emergency service agencies include Lincoln County Emergency Management, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1, Lincoln County Health Department, and the City of Troy. Residents can sign up to get the alerts for free at or by texting their Zip code to 888777. They can also download the free iPhone Nixle app. Resident can select whether they want to receive texts, emails or phone messages.
Park Dedication Project


The City of Troy is dedicated to lasting community improvements, you can participate by dedicating amenities to your favorite park.

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ATM Location

ATM For your convenience, there is an ATM located in the lobby of City Hall at 800 Cap Au Gris. Whether you need money to pay your court fines, your water bill, or just need a little cash in your pocket, come in and use our accessible ATM. Our lobby hours are 7:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.

Consumer Confidence Report
Troy’s 2018 Annual Water Quality Report click here to see report.
Sanitation & Recycling Schedule
Meridian Logo The Troy Board of Alderman have entered into an agreement with Meridian Waste Solutions (formally Christian Environmental Services) to provide solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection for the residents of Troy. The routing will be implemented and the City will be divided out into four sections and trash, recycle and yard waste will be picked up on the same day in each quadrant. The contract started July 1, 2017. Click here for Meridian’s website and here for the new Sanitation & Recycling Schedule.


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