Municipal Court

Purpose and Mission
The Court is the Judicial Branch of City Government and is a qualified division of the Circuit Court of Lincoln County. The Municipal Court adjudicates traffic and other ordinance violations primarily filed by the Troy Police Department. The mission of The Municipal Court is to treat the citizens who appear in a timely, courteous and efficient manner and assure them of a fair and impartial disposition of their case(s).

Judge Ed Grewach
Municipal Prosecutor, Cynthia Davenport

City of Troy Municipal Address
800 Cap Au Gris
Troy, MO  63379
PHONE: 636-528-6179
FAX: 636-462-7696


By pleading guilty, I admit that I have been advised of the following:

  • That I have been advised of the charge pending against me, of the elements of the offense, and of the maximum penalty to which I may be subject which may include the possibility of a jail sentence.  ($5.00-$500.00 and/or up to 90 days in Jail)
  • That my plea of guilty is of my own free choice. No one has forced or induced me to enter the plea in return for any promised action.
  • That I have been advised of my rights to a trial, right of confrontation and cross-examination of my accusers, right to a compulsory appearance of witnesses in my defense, privilege against compulsory self-incrimination, and my right to appeal.
  • That I have been advised that I am entitled to be represented by an attorney, or to appear without an attorney.
  • That I have been advised of and understand that my plea of guilty will result in giving up all the above rights and that I freely and voluntarily give up those rights.


For municipal offense
on or after April 1, 2021

If you do not have your ticket number, search for cases by selecting “45th Judicial Circuit”

For municipal offenses
before March 31, 2021


Entry of a case and recommendation procedures

(1) Contest this complaint in Court at address, date and time designated on your ticket.
(2) If you fail to appear on your Court date or pay your fine beforehand, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driving privileges may be suspended.
(3) No continuances will be granted.
(4) Any violation involving an accident requires a court appearance.
(5) You may send a payment in the form of money order / cashier’s check made payable to the Municipal Court of Troy, pay online, or at the window. By state statute, court costs are incurred at the filing of the ticket and must be paid with the fine.
(6) Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope for return of copy of receipt if you want a receipt returned.

The following will NOT be ALLOWED in court:
Bare Feet
Cut Off T-Shirts
Half Shirts
Head Coverings
Shorts, Tank Tops
No Food or Drink allowed
All pants will be worn at the waist
Any attire deemed improper by Bailiffs