Troy City Cemetery

The Troy City Cemetery is located on Boone Street near Highway J. The prices of lots are as follows:
Residents of Troy: $300.00
Residents of Lincoln County: $500.00
Outside/non-residents: $700.00

Rules & Regulations

• The number of lots owned by the same person shall not exceed ten (10). The lots are not to be purchased for resale.

• No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the City cemetery.

• The cemetary is closed dusk to dawn.

• The planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. is prohibited unless permission is granted by the Cemetery Superintendent before-hand.

• All flowers, wreaths and other decorations placed on graves on the following days will be allowed to remain there for a minimum of six (6) days: Easter, Memorial Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Fourth of July. Flowers and decorations placed at Christmas time can remain for an indefinite period. Flowers and other decorations placed on graves at any other time than those above mentioned days may be removed at any time.

• All burials in the City of Troy Cemetery, except the burials of ashes of cremated bodies, shall be in vaults or concrete boxes.

For more information about the cemetary and/or purchasing lots, please contact Ryan Howell at (636) 295-1054.

Find the graves of ancestors. Search or browse graves in the Troy City Cemetery at Find A Grave.