City Clerk

Duties of the City Clerk

The City Clerk plays a pivotal role in the administration and governance of our city. Serving as the custodian of official city records and the primary point of contact for various municipal processes, the City Clerk ensures the smooth and efficient operation of city affairs. Below is a detailed overview of the key responsibilities of the City Clerk:

Record Keeping and Document Management

The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining all official city documents, including ordinances, resolutions, minutes of city council meetings, contracts, and other vital records. Ensuring transparency, the City Clerk facilitates public access to city records in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, while properly archiving and preserving historical documents for future reference. To obtain city records, please fill out this Records Request form and submit it to the City Clerk.

Elections Administration

The City Clerk oversees the administration of municipal elections, including candidate filings, ballot preparation, and polling place coordination with the local election authority. Additionally, the City Clerk certifies election results and maintains the integrity of the electoral process. The local election authority is the Lincoln County Clerk.

Council Support and Meeting Management

Coordinating the preparation and distribution of agendas and supporting materials for city council meetings is a key responsibility. The City Clerk records, transcribes, and maintains minutes of city council meetings, ensuring accurate documentation of discussions and decisions. Providing administrative support during council meetings, including managing public comments and ensuring compliance with parliamentary procedures, is also essential.

Licensing and Permits

The City Clerk processes applications for various licenses and permits, including business licenses, liquor licenses, and other regulatory permits. This responsibility involves ensuring compliance with city ordinances and regulatory requirements, issuing licenses to approved applicants, and managing the renewal process. By overseeing these functions, the City Clerk helps maintain the city’s standards and supports local businesses.

Legal Compliance and Ethics

The City Clerk oversees the codification and publication of city ordinances and resolutions, ensuring legal compliance. Ensuring city officials and employees adhere to ethical standards and legal requirements, including conflict of interest disclosures, is also a key responsibility.

Public Relations and Community Engagement

Acting as a liaison between the city government and the public, the City Clerk disseminates information about city programs, services, and initiatives. Engaging with residents, businesses, and community organizations to promote civic participation and address community concerns is an integral part of the role.

The City Clerk’s office is committed to providing exceptional service to the community, ensuring transparency, accountability, and effective governance. For any inquiries or assistance, please contact the City Clerk’s office at (636)528-4712.

Carla Ayala
City Clerk

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