High Water Usage

If your water bill seems to be too high or continues to go up, there are several easy steps you can take to isolate what may be causing this. Some questions to ask include:

• Has a toilet been running?
• Have I been watering my grass?
• Have I been washing my cars at home?
• Have I got a dripping faucet?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this could be a problem you would want to fix or monitor. Small problems can add up over 30 days. You may also call the City of Troy and ask to have the meter checked for leaks.

To check a toilet:

• Add dye or food coloring to back of toilet tank. After 20 to 30 minutes check water in the bowl to see if color has leaked into it. If this happens it can be an easy fix.
• Check to make sure that your flush unit is not set too high.

Hot Water Tanks:

• If there is any water dripping from pop-off valve, you may want a qualified plumber to replace it with a new one.

Home Humidifier:

• Is the water setting too high?
• Is it discharging into the drain? Have a qualified person set it up for you.

Ice Makers:

• Are there any leaks around connections going to the ice maker?


• Depending on the size of your shower head, it should use 2 – 7 gallons per minute.

To check a water softener:

• Is it cycling too often? Have a qualified person check on the softener for you.

Keeping a close track on how much water is used in your home per day will help you, and the city, locate the cause of the increased usage.